As many of you know my objective is to influence as many people as I can in my lifetime. Recently, I asked one of my students to write an article on success, so that she not only defines but understands what it means to her. I wanted her to understand as she embarked on her journey towards a successful career she needed to bring clarity to her thinking. I feel many of my inner circle members can benefit from her words of wisdom. I hope her words enhance your life.


Birthing Success
When I was 15 years old, I was so eager to learn how to drive that there were times I would close my eyes every night before I slept and imagined myself behind the wheel of my dad's car.  I would imagine everything he taught me.  Pressing on the breaks, I'd check my rear and side view mirrors, change the gears from "P" to "D", ease my feet off the breaks and gently onto the gas pedal.   I envisioned driving down the road alongside the other cars, and flipping on the signal lights to make left or right turns.  After a while, I imagined my excellent driving skills so often that when I finally got behind the wheel to take my driver's test, I felt like an experienced driver.  I can only remember my father supervising my driving efforts no more than three times.  But, I imagined driving that car over 30 times in my mind.  I can proudly tell you that I passed my driver's test with skillful ease.  It seemed as if every turn and parking technique that played out in my mind happened during that driving test. 

I believe what stimulated my success was desire, determination and imagination.  I envisioned what I desired the most.  I envisioned it with so much energy on a daily basis until I finally manifested the vision into reality. It all started in my mind. 
I realize that the mind is where everything begins, including success and failure.  I'm sure that had I imagined myself crashing into another vehicle or running a red light, or repeatedly telling myself I wasn't going to pass that test, one or all of those things would have occurred.  But, there was no question of failure.  I knew what I had to do to obtain my driver's license.  After learning the basics from my dad, I repeatedly imagined what I needed to do to accomplish that goal. 

I shared a portion of my precious childhood memory to emphasize this:  Success is birthed in our mind's eye.  The egg is fertilized with desire and is nurtured with imagination, expectation, and action until it hatches into reality.  Once we have experienced success for the first time, the possibilities remain with us reminding us that we can succeed in anything we desire. 

We all have succeeded at something whether or not we recognize it as success.  Success could be getting the job you wanted, paying off a debt, earning an excellent grade, completing that 40 minute workout, or cleaning out that closet you procrastinated cleaning for months. 

We must look at these seemingly minuscule successes as gargantuan achievements.  Because they are significant hints to how power our minds really are.   If we can wrap our minds around these simple successes, surely we are capable of imagining and obtaining all of our desires.  But, if we use that same kind of energy to focus our thoughts on the impossible, possibility will give birth to failure.  Either way, our minds are powerful and will give either result.

Please tolerate me while I briefly share one more childhood memory. 

We're all born with some kind of talent.  Mine is writing.  Though I was born with it, I didn't accept it because I didn't think I was good enough.  So many others believed in me and gave me opportunity after opportunity.  Because I didn't believe I was a talented writer, I spent years never using it and looked at every opportunity as a possible embarrassing failure.   Thus, I delayed all opportunities to become a successful writer. 

As I began to learn the power of the mind, I looked within and was able to see what others saw.  One day I experienced an epiphany, and affirmed out loud that I was built to write.  Maybe someone was built to be a scientist, but I was built to express life in words.  Once I accepted and appreciated my God-given talent I began to envision writing in newspapers, magazines and books.  I imagined myself an author that positively affected lives by persuasion of simple words.  Soon after, opportunities flew at me as fast as I could catch them.  Because I embraced a special part of me, I opened my mind to imagine the possibilities.  I can now proudly share that I embarking on an adventurous trek to becoming one of the most successful writers ever known. 

I've given birth to my success, and so it is!


Norine. L. Jackson

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