Change Ain’t Change Until You Actually Change

Good intentions are dangerous in the sense that they don’t represent real action. Every person has an idea, but fewer people act on their ideas with the intentions to bring them to reality. People do a lot of talking, but that is all it is until they back it up with action. You can talk about changing, you can read about changing, you can tell others about changing, you can have all your friends call you a changed person, but change isn’t change until you actually change.

Until you have actually made the change in your life, you are still the same. If you want to lose weight and live healthier, you have to make a plan. That plan is vital, but the plan is not change. You can work out once or eat one healthy meal. That first step is important too. Taking action is the beginning of the road to change. If you quit after that first try, you still haven’t changed. If you give up after your first failure, you haven’t changed. If you quit because your results are not as good as someone else, you still haven’t changed. Keep going with your plan and keep adding one week onto another. Once those things add up to a change, then you have changed.

This idea is not meant to discourage you. This is to tell you how important it is to stick with your plan until the change becomes real. Stopping early or giving up sells you short and ends your process before you reach your goal of real change. You can get there, but you have to see it all the way through so that you have actually changed instead of just approaching the idea of change while staying the same.

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