What Will Your Legacy Be?


A legacy is the results of our actions in life that extend beyond our lifetimes. They are the things that outlive us and last after the ordinary day to day accomplishments in life fade away and are forgotten. Presidents start thinking about legacy when they are done with elections and their final days of influence are winding down. Artists and people of business think about legacy when something comes along to remind them that the end of their work may be closer than the beginning. Parents consider it as childhood winds down for their children or when they see their children beginning to make the same mistakes they did.


We do not have to wait until the final years of our livesor our work to begin thinking about our legacy. The impact of our lives is best considered earlier than later. If we focus our efforts around actions that will have lasting impacts and that will matter more in the long term, our lives will have a greater impact and our work will be more successful. People who think more in the long term when they make decisions will ultimately make better and more important choices more of the time. These choices have greater potential for success because they have better vision.


Legacy about touching lives. It involves using your life to make a difference in the lives of others. What difference will I make? This is the question we all should ask ourselves.
If you want to leave a legacy and live a life that matters beyond the immediate moment, you need a vision. You need clear defined goals that connect to that vision and purpose. Your efforts must serve that purpose and not get sidetracked on activities that lead in the wrong direction. That purposeful, focused life is the kind of life that leaves a meaningful legacy. It is a life you can lead by developing your vision and purpose now.


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