"There is no "I" in team!" is what many so-called experts have told us in many team-building books that adorn the shelves at the local bookstore. If there is no "I" in team, why are modern day sports franchises dominated by the antics and behaviors of one or two individuals? The answer is clear. There is no interdependency! We have been taught that the definition of team is: a group of people working towards a common goal or task. That definition is somewhat accurate; however, it does not necessarily produce results.

My definition of a "team" is: a group of people working interdependently towards a common goal or task. The only difference between the first and the second definition is one word - "interdependency." People act and behave differently when someone else is depending on them. How many of you do things you would not normally do, when someone else is depending on you?

Interdependent teams offer each other support, encouragement, counseling, advice, education, and accountability; everything you need to build a great team. When I was on the "Biggest Loser" reality television show, I was able to reach milestones that had been previously unreachable. One of the main reasons I was able to achieve those results was because I had a team of others helping me. I learned many things on the show, but the thing I learned which had the most impact is that life is still about people. It"s about people helping, supporting, and being real with each other. Start supporting the team around you first, and eventually they will start doing the exact same thing for you and each other. It"s called the Law of Reciprocity.

Teamwork truly does make the dream work!

In my first book, I wrote:

I finally came to the realization that adversity and failures occurred because that was the way God designed it. There is no coincidence. Whether we believe it or not, God is using our current situation or circumstance to help us fulfill our destiny. He wants us to be successful in life, and He uses our adversity to become successful people. God uses it for two reasons. The first is to let us know how much we need Him. Though He wants us to be successful, He does not want us to be a success apart from Him. The second reason is tha He uses our adversity to build our character. Once we become the success that He wills for all of our lives, He wants us to have a character that is like Him.

Everything you have gone through will make you stronger for this journey. All of it is necessary.

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