The majority of the world's most successful people didn't just wake up one day and have success fall into their laps. Many successful individuals worked hard and faced many fiery trials and obstacles to achieve their success. A lot of them faced odds that seemed insurmountable, they seemed impossible to conquer, but they never gave up. These individuals achieved success despite the odds that were pitted against them. They rose to the occasion, faced their opposition, their fear, and gave it all they had, and by doing so defeated the odds.

One example of an individual who knows all about achieving success regardless of the odds is an athlete by the name of Karen Smyer. Karen Smyer is a triathlete who had a very successful career. She faced a career-ending injury after her hamstring muscle became severed when a window shattered on her. Karen faced the possibility of losing her career and her dreams. But Karen persisted, and soon recovered from her injuries and was once again racing. Not long after this incident disaster struck again for Smyer. Karen was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. This was devastating news that threatened not only her career, but also her life. These were very difficult times for Smyer. But her character once again shined in the face of adversity. In a move of extreme bravery, Karen Smyer stopped her cancer treatments in order to pursue her dream of being in the Olympics.

This is the story of an individual who knows what it takes to overcome seemingly impossible odds, and has done so on more than one occasion. It takes a strong determination to not let the odds overcome us and discourage us from giving our best to achieve our goals. Determination is the ability to keep your fire and passion for your dream fueled and burning bright, regardless of the outlook of the situation.

Another crucial aspect of defeating the odds stacked up against you is having a passion and intensity for succeeding. Passion is what drives athletes to the brink of completely destroying their bodies to achieve what most people call impossible. It is passion and intensity that allows someone who has nothing to become a successful member of society. These are the traits of a successful individual.

Hard work is essential to overcoming the odds. The number one reason most people never succeed is that they failed to do their best, to put in the work that is necessary to succeed. You have to be willing to put your hand to the plow and bleed for what you want. Nothing in life comes to us without us first taking action to make what we want possible. You must take action; you must apply yourself and commit yourself giving it your all.

These are the ingredients it takes to create a successful person who will flourish despite all the forces that align against them. Refine these characteristics, push them through in your own life, and you will achieve your success, no matter how great the odds are against you.

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