One of the biggest tragedies we all face in this life is not death, or even losing a loved one. The biggest tragedy we face in this life is wasting the very gift of life that we have been given. It's a sad reality, but there are thousands who die each day, and many of them died with regret that they didn't do more with the life they had. This is why it is vital that we all take a long look at our lives and examine ourselves to see if we, too, are wasting our gift.

There are many reasons that people end up wasting their lives, but the main reason is that they simply took life for granted. If you want to live a full, happy, healthy, productive life, then you need to live life as if tomorrow was the last day you were ever going to see. This means that you seize every moment and squeeze every drop of the potential you can out of it. It means that you make sure that when opportunity comes to you, you don't let it pass you by, but that you reach out and take it, hungry to live life to the fullest.

Many people get themselves into a very poisonous mindset. They allow themselves to get comfortable and to think that they are going to be alive forever. They tend to drift through each day, never thinking that today might be their last chance to do something great with their lives. They let opportunity after opportunity pass them by, always thinking that another one will come by tomorrow. Then, after the years of procrastination, they look back at the damage that has been done to their life by not living each moment as if it were the last.

One of the key ways to achieve success, to achieve your dreams, is to aggressively pursue them today, and as if you won't have a chance to aggressively pursue them tomorrow. When you are hungry for success like that, you will not waste a moment of your life. When you look back years down the road, you will not look back with regret, but with satisfaction.

It's important that each of us keeps in mind that we are mortal beings. One day our lives will be over. What will we have accomplished with our lives? Will we have aggressively pursued our goals and dreams? Will we have left a legacy that will inspire others by the way we lived? Have we left a legacy for our children's children? Those should be the questions we ask now, so that we won't have to ask them later with regret. Stop today living a life of no regrets. Live today like it's your last.


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