Some of the most significant events in our lives happen in a moment. Your whole life can be radically changed in the blink of an eye, before you even have a chance to realize what happened. Our lives are constantly moving, and no one can always predict the next step. Some of us will encounter incredible opportunities in our lives, and in the flash of a moment make a decision to pursue that opportunity, thus changing our lives forever. Others will be overcome by fear, hesitate, and lose out on those incredible opportunities, and their lives will be changed forever as well. Those who hesitate will forever be left with the scars of having missed their chance to make their dreams a reality, while those who didn't allow fear and intimidation to rob them of their chance will live fulfilling lives, having turned their dreams into realities.

No one wants to be in the midst of individuals who spend their whole lives asking "what if?" questions. No one wants to spend their entire life looking back and regretting the fact that they were the ones who hesitated and lost their chance at success. Almost all of us desire to be the individuals who are not afraid to take chances, who see opportunity and seize it. It can be a trying and difficult thing to be a person like that, and most of us have to go through a process of personal growth before we become that type of person.

The murderer of most people's dreams of success in their careers and life is hesitation. Hesitation is defined as a "delay in the uncertainty of mind or fear. A state of doubt." Most of the time when new career opportunities or chances for us to accomplish our goals come along, they come with a certain amount of risk involved. It is completely normal to look at all the risks of decision-making and assess your situation. In fact, if you are a responsible person, you should be doing that. However, you should not allow yourself to never take a risk.

Life is full of risks that we take every day. We get up in the morning, get in the car, and drive to work. Driving to work is a risk, as there is always the possibility of getting injured or even killed in an accident. Regardless of the risk, we don't allow fear of the worst to keep us from driving to work to earn a living for our families. So why do we allow fear to cause hesitation and hesitation to cause failure when presented with a risky situation? Life is full of risks that we take every day without even realizing we take them.

There comes a time when playing it safe is an option that will leave a path of far more destruction than the path of risk and failure. If you hesitate and you miss your opportunity, you have to live with the memory of why you failed all the days of your life, knowing you didn't have the courage to take a risk. On the other hand, you can take a few risks, succeed, or not, and never look back with an ounce of regret. This is the true meaning of success. Don't allow fear to cause you to hesitate and miss your opportunity to accomplish your dreams. Take a risk. You may be surprised by what you find.

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