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Mastering The Art Of Team Building

Posted: Monday - May 9, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

The ultimate goal of every individual who is in a leadership position is to master the art of team building. The reason team building is considered an art is because it is difficult to learn and even more difficult to master. Building a successful team will determine how successful you are personally, as well as the success of your company or...

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I Hate My Boss: What Should I Do?

Posted: Monday - May 2, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

Everyone at some point in their lives has had a job they hated, or at least worked for a boss whose life long goal seemed to center around making their life a living nightmare. It can be very easy to get caught up in this kind of negativity and become depressed and bitter at your situation. If you are in this type of situation in your life, it&#...

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Striking A Balance Between Work And Home

Posted: Monday - April 25, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

One of the biggest challenges people all around the world are facing in today's fast-paced world is balancing a successful career with a successful, stable home life. It can be extremely difficult to find the time to take care of your family's personal needs along with the high demands of a career. It's important and crucial to...

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Everybody Does Not Want You to Succeed

Posted: Monday - April 18, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

Have you taken stock lately of which people in your life are "toxic"? Toxic people ruin your self-esteem, drain your energy, degrade you, and often gain their OWN energy from sabotaging you. It may not be consciously malevolent behavior on their part; due to their own problems, it may have just become a part of their personality.

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Attract What You Want

Posted: Monday - April 11, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

When most individuals hear the word "attrac"t, they immediately think of dating. Human beings will do a number of things to attract a person to themselves that they may be interested in dating. We'll comb our hair different, dress different, act more polite than we really are, smile and put on our best charm to try and draw the interest ...

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Do Not Wait On Pursuing Your Dreams

Posted: Monday - April 4, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

Perhaps the greatest torture that could be devised would be for us to be forced, in our later years, to watch a continuously repeating movie of the lives we could have led had we dared to believe in and pursue the dreams and goals that were available and attainable in our lifetimes. While we all say we do not have enough time to do justice to...

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Achieving Success Despite The Odds

Posted: Monday - March 28, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

The majority of the world's most successful people didn't just wake up one day and have success fall into their laps. Many successful individuals worked hard and faced many fiery trials and obstacles to achieve their success. A lot of them faced odds that seemed insurmountable, they seemed impossible to conquer, but they never gave ...

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Plant A Seed In Someone's Life

Posted: Monday - March 21, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

There's nothing more rewarding in life than helping others to achieve their goals and to make their dreams come true. There is an awesome feeling that a person gets when they pass on what they have learned throughout the years to someone who is just coming up. This is called planting a seed in someone's life. It's investing you...

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Live Life Like Tomorrow Is Your Last Day!

Posted: Monday - March 14, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

One of the biggest tragedies we all face in this life is not death, or even losing a loved one. The biggest tragedy we face in this life is wasting the very gift of life that we have been given. It's a sad reality, but there are thousands who die each day, and many of them died with regret that they didn't do more with the life they...

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Refined By The Fire: Staying Focused Under Pressure.

Posted: Monday - March 7, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

I decided to write this blog in light of the recent developments with presidential candidate Barack Obama. Whether you like him or not, you can't deny he has handled the pressure with poise and grace. I don't know what will happen in this election, but I am inspired by a man who is willing to be molded in the line of fire.

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Hesitation Robs Us of Success

Posted: Monday - February 28, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

Some of the most significant events in our lives happen in a moment. Your whole life can be radically changed in the blink of an eye, before you even have a chance to realize what happened. Our lives are constantly moving, and no one can always predict the next step. Some of us will encounter incredible opportunities in our lives, and in the ...

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How To Get The Edge Over Adversity

Posted: Monday - February 21, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

Anyone who has ever wanted success in life, who has ever had to go against the grain, anyone who has had to blaze a new trail has faced some form of adversity at some point in their lives. Adversity is defined as a state of hardship, affliction or misfortune. The achievement of greatness is the result of being tested by the fiery trials of li...

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Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Posted: Monday - February 14, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

At times in your life when you are inundated with stressful situations, the last thing you want to hear is another clich...

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Change Your Mind About Change

Posted: Monday - February 7, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

By the time you read this blog, Super Tuesday will have come and gone. Many Americans will cast their vote in hopes that their voice will be heard. The Presidential candidates are feverishly promoting and propagating their messages to anyone who will listen. The thing that amazes me most is that they are promoting the very thing that people h...

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The Birth Of Success

Posted: Monday - January 31, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

When I was 15 years old, I was so eager to learn how to drive that there were times I would close my eyes every night before I slept and imagined myself behind the wheel of my dad's car.  I would imagine everything he taught me.  Pressing on the breaks, I'd check my rear and side view mirrors, change the gears from "P" to "D", ease ...

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You Are A Brand Name Product How To Network To Get People To Buy

Posted: Monday - January 24, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

Do you know why people will pay more money for a brand names? Why do people think brand name products are better? It's simple. Brand names offer a promise of value over their lesser-known counterparts. For years, branding has been used to create strong, enduring relationships with customers.

What Is A Brand?<...

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Posted: Monday - January 17, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

"There is no "I" in team!" is what many so-called experts have told us in many team-building books that adorn the shelves at the local bookstore. If there is no "I" in team, why are modern day sports franchises dominated by the antics and behaviors of one or two individuals? The answer is clear. There is no interdependency! We have been taugh...

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Life Happens

Posted: Monday - January 10, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

In 1992, my mother had a stroke because of a brain aneurysm. Initially, when she became ill, I asked a lot of the usual "why" questions. I asked them, because I didn't have a clue why this happened to my mother. After all, she was a God-fearing, Christian woman who did nothing but good for other people. I would ask these questions over a...

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You Are Exactly Where You Are Meant To Be

Posted: Monday - January 3, 2022 Author: Ken Canion

I read this quote recently and I pondered many of the things that have happened to me in my life - the good, bad,and even the ugly. I view it all so differently than I once viewed it. I used to only focus on everything I was going through in the present, but doing that prevented me from seeing how all those current happenings were connected t...

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