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Posted: October 13, 2015, 12:00am by Ken Canion Print Email
You Body Is A Temple

Your Body Is A Temple

When you hear that your body is your temple, you might ignore it because it sounds like it has religious connotations.  It is a common phrase and people use it for many different reasons.  While it can definitely be traced back to religious origins, it can be a far from religious truth.  Our bodies are valuable and essential to our well-being. 
The symbol of a “temple” in the phrase, “your body is a temple” is the reason people who are not religious ignore or discount the validity of the phrase.  Yet a temple is really a great way to describe the human body.  It is a place to revere and respect.  A body is something that should be loved and cared for. 
Again, using a word that is commonly used religiously can cause discomfort of people simply ignore what is being said.  There are many definitions for the word “worship” and the one that applies to the human body says that to worship is to have a great feeling of profound love and admiration.  This is exactly what every human being needs to do to maintain the only home they will have on this earth.
Love and admire it for the amazing machine that it is.  You get one body during your lifetime and if you don’t care for it in a loving and admiring way, you risk harming your body.  Provide your temple with good nutrition, sleep and the right amount of exercise. 
You need to understand it in order to be able to care for it properly.  Many mothers and grandmothers insist that illness is a result of something that is missing that it needs.  Respect your body as a functioning machine that requires regular maintenance to keep in working.
Your body is an amazing vessel that will carry you throughout life.  If you were to lose your body, you would no longer exist.  Your body does so much for you throughout your day.  Every time you use your fingers, watch television or even sneeze, more than one system and many muscles are working to make sure you can do everything your brain demands from your body.
Unfortunately, it takes something serious or devastating to happen before some people are able to appreciate the temple that is the human body.  Cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes and so many other serious problems can attack and ravage the human body.  Taking care of your body or temple today can help avoid or provide the resources that will be needed if it ever has to fight any illness or disease. 
Most people value their appearance and confuse that with caring for their bodies.  Coloring your hair, having manicures and applying makeup does nothing to care for the body.  It is superficial and doesn’t provide any nourishment or other benefits.
Many times our vehicles get more maintenance and care than the human body.  We are aware of when the odometer indicates we’ve driven 3,000 miles and it’s time for an oil change.  A tune up is also done on a regular basis.  A car is a material thing we have for a short time during life. 
Why don’t we pay attention to our odometers and perform regular tune ups?  Many times we begin to pay attention to these important maintenance issues when a need arises and it is too late for preventative maintenance.
Treat your body better than you do your car.  Realize that it is truly a sacred place that will serve you well if you care for it throughout your life.  Use it and give it what it needs while you use it.  Keep it running properly with respect and love.