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Author: Ken Canion Posted: Monday - January 3, 2022

You Are Exactly Where You Are Meant To Be

May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
--Mother Teresa

I read this quote recently and I pondered many of the things that have happened to me in my life - the good, bad,and even the ugly. I view it all so differently than I once viewed it. I used to only focus on everything I was going through in the present, but doing that prevented me from seeing how all those current happenings were connected to my destiny. I can remember moments when I lay in my bed and cried, wondering how this could have happened to me. But a change occurred for me when I started viewing life from a present and future perspective. I began to realize that many of the so-called "negative" events I had gone through helped me become the person I had become; I had experienced it because it was necessary. I was right where I was supposed to be.

The quote above is from a beautiful prayer attributed to Mother Teresa; the concept is arresting in its significance. Consider it: in life, you are exactly where you are meant to be! All the the blessings and good fortune - the trials, tribulations and hardships you've endured in your life have brought you to where you are today - and the composite of those experiences has made you who you are.

So, what of it? What will you make of that? What have you learned from your hardships that has been valuable? How will you use that experience to propel you forward? How can you pass on that wisdom to others? And your gifts and blessings: are you utilizing them to enrich your life and the lives of others? What are you here on earth to accomplish?

On your journey through life, trust God that He has a purpose for you. Look for the signposts as He tries to guide you. If you can do that, your life has instantly become more meaningful.