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Posted: April 26, 2016, 12:00am by Ken Canion Print Email
Why Does Success Seem So Elusive?

Why Does Success Seem So Elusive?


Why Does Success Seem So Elusive?

Why does success seem to come so easy for some? And yet is so difficult for others to grasp? When I was asked these two questions by one of my students, I had to pause for a moment and give it some real thought. After pondering for a while, I came up with the following answer. I said that I think success is elusive for many people, because most haven’t specifically defined what success means to them.  Being successful is based on the person who is defining it; success to one person might be a living hell to another.

I thought about the definition I gave in my first book, “God, I A’int trying to Hear All That”.

My definition of success:

1. Knowing God
2. Knowing Your Purpose In Life
3. Growing to maximum potential
4. Sowing seeds to help others

I have come to realize that success is not a destination - not a place that you arrive at one day. Instead, it is the journey you take. It is the journey that helps you evolve into all that you desire to become. Your success comes from what you do every day.