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Posted: August 1, 2016, 12:00am by Ken Canion Print Email
Two Kinds Of Fear

Fear is arguably the one thing that paralyzes people from doing most things in life.  Fear can take control of a life and shortly after that life is spinning out of control.  Many times, fear is the reason many people experience despair and defeat.  This kind of fear is debilitating and prevents people from achieving growth and great things.

People who learn to overcome fear often describe their experiences as having overcome darkness or having their eyes opened for the first time.  Fear prevents people from finding true happiness.  Without fear, the possibilities of life are endless and satisfying.  Overcoming fear creates a whole new outlook and attitude that most people want, but are afraid to face.  Fear stops all things from moving forward.
Before tackling how to overcome fear, people need to understand that there are basically two kinds of fear people experience.  The first kind of fear is the fear that conquers us.  This fear makes us feel human, vulnerable and unwilling to take chances.  It prevents growth and accomplishment.
The second kind of fear is actually a productive fear.  It is the kind of fear that people experience before doing something new or exciting.  This fear can enhance any experience, provide clarity and exhilaration and even provide a “rush” or adrenaline for the body to be at its best for whatever is must endure.  This kind of fear can be a powerful motivator.
The first step in dealing with the negative kind of fear is to face them.  This is frightening and the fear of facing fear can be overwhelming.  Every human being has it within them to find the strength to face fear.
Take some time to make a list that includes all of your fears.  You want to make sure you write your list rather quickly so that you don’t take the time to dwell on and nurture any one particular fear at a time.  Every fear is a valid fear and should be included.  If you fear being late for work, write it down.  If you fear that you will get cancer, write it down.  It doesn’t matter how monumental or trivial you think a fear is, you should include it on your list.
Next, read each of your fears out loud while not passing judgment on how silly or irrational you think a fear might be.  Acknowledge your fear, let it pass through your senses and then realize that nothing bad actually happens by thinking about and experiencing your fear.
Now you can look at your fears and identify which ones are the kinds of fears that keep you from moving forward and which ones are the ones that push you through your fear.  By actually recognizing your fears, you should be able to realize that fear isn’t always a negative emotion.  Fear is natural and healthy.  Fear can also show us where we need to grow.
If you have trouble labeling your fears, consider the fact that one kind of fear tends to result in feelings of panic and loss of control.  The other kind of fear is one where you feel a push to move forward using your body and your mind.  When you react to danger, it is a healthy fear.  When you run screaming from a tiny spider in the shower, you don’t have a healthy fear.
Taking the time to list and acknowledge fears is just the first step on the road to managing fears.  It takes time, strength, courage and practice.  Once anyone has got a good handle on dealing with fears though, the time and energy spent to get there is well worth it.