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Posted: October 1, 2021, 12:00am by Ken Canion Print Email
Refined By The Fire: Staying Focused Under Pressure.

I decided to write this blog in light of the recent developments with presidential candidate Barack Obama. Whether you like him or not, you can't deny he has handled the pressure with poise and grace. I don't know what will happen in this election, but I am inspired by a man who is willing to be molded in the line of fire.

There are a lot of moments that come in life for the single, sole purpose of revealing to us what we are made of. These moments force us to take a look at the person we really are, and often times expose to us our greatest strengths or our greatest faults. These types of moments aren't the types of moments that come on the mountaintops of success, but rather during the climb. The type of moments that prove who you really are and what you're made of are not life's sweetest and simplest moments. They are the trials, the pressure, and the obstacles we face on the way to the top. We all experience a variety of trials and tests throughout the course of our lives. We face trials in every facet of our lives as well, whether it's our career, our family life, or the loss of someone we hold dear. There are a lot of different trials and pressures that come to us in everyday life, from all different directions. These moments are sent to us to refine who we are. They are not meant to leave us defeated, but to reinvent us, to tear us down and rebuild us out of a stronger fabric, a more durable material. This is important to remember when life throws its hardships and its adversities in our direction.

There can be a lot of tests, trials, and adversities for someone who has set high goals for themselves in their career. This individual will face a gauntlet of obstacles, which have poised themselves like gladiators guarding the gate of their success, looking ominous and forbidding anyone to pass by them. Coming across these obstacles and trials will no doubt turn the heat up and put a lot of pressure on you, but you must not buckle or success will slip between your fingers.

It is crucial that during the trials of live we keep ourselves focused on our objective. We must not allow those obstacles or individuals standing in our path cause us to lose our focus, to lose sight on success. You must not allow yourself to be consumed by fear and hesitation, or you may lose your footing, and fall to the base of the mountain once again. It's important that you always keep your mind focused on your objective. Don't allow yourself to dwell on life situations and things that are attempting to destroy your dreams and success.

One of the best tips and pieces of advice on staying focused under pressure is to surround yourself with reminders. Constantly be reminding yourself of what it is you want to accomplish, what goals you have, and the plan you have for accomplishing them. Remember to take one problem at a time, solving them as they come so they don't pile up on you. Keep striving, regardless of the discouragement others may offer to you. Stay sharp and organized. Develop a plan for achieving your success and don't allow hesitation or fear to rob you of your moment.