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Author: Ken Canion Posted: Monday - June 13, 2022

Persevere By Using Adversity To Your Advantage

When faced with adversity, people are forced to take some kind of action. These actions can most often be divided into two categories. Some people have knee-jerk or impulse reactions while others are thoughtful, controlled and exercise a certain level of self-discipline. Each reaction often produces very different results. One enables a person to use adversity to their advantage while the other does not.

People who respond to adversity impulsively or by lashing out have no control over their situation. They have not thought about actions and consequences before delivering their response.

People who respond to adversity with self-discipline or control can bring focus and consistency to any kind of situation. The trick to being self-disciplined and in control is that it needs to be practiced at all times. There is no benefit to being in control only temporarily. You will never be able to experience the results of your disciplined and controlled actions if you are unable to stick with that mentality. You have the strength to endure depending on the strength you use from within.

There are a number of ways anyone can change their lives so that adversity eventually leads them to having the advantage is just about any situation. Use these ideas along with your strength to find success.

The first thing you should do is to do whatever you can to get rid of all sources of negativity that surround you. Life will throw negative challenges at you and those cannot be avoided, but making your immediate surroundings as negativity-free as possible.

Also, work on your reactions to negativity. Recognize when people use the words "can't", "shouldn't" and "won't". These are negative words that you can turn around for yourself. You can, should and would no matter what! Simply make the choice to not allow negativity and self-doubt into your thought process.

Next, recognize that no matter how positive and strong you stay, you will experience some failures. Don't see these happenings as failures, though. See them as learning opportunities and steps that you have to take in order to be successful. Don't wallow in what you perceive as a failure. Look at it, learn from it and use what you now know to be successful.

We can be our own worst adversaries when it comes to success. It is so tempting and easy to focus on the past and think about the future. Today is what matters most. What happened in the past is behind you and what is coming in the future is determined by what you do today.

Much adversity people experience comes from other people. While you may need to eliminate some of the people who are truly destructive to your progress, everyone needs other human beings in order to be successful. You are likely to need other people on your way to whatever success you pursue, so develop and nurture worthwhile relationships in your life. No one is perfect, but most people are worth your time and effort.

The best way to defend yourself and overcome adversity is to grow. You can grow through education, building relationships and learning how incredibly valuable you truly are. One way to grow is to recognize your weaknesses and work on improving them. They are not faults. They are simply areas where growth can be done. Next, share your knowledge and strengths. They are no good unless they are shared and valued.

Finally, never let adversity or doubt keep you from moving forward. Be active and productive, make goals and work every day to achieve them. Strive to prove doubters wrong and keep skeptics at bay. Your strength in overcoming adversity can always give you an advantage over everything else.