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Author: Ken Canion Posted: Monday - July 18, 2022

Low Self-Esteem: The Dream Killer

Do you know what is preventing you from going after your dreams? Maybe you think that only people who deserve success will be lucky enough to experience it. You make statements like: If my thighs were smaller I might have been able to find the kind of man who would make a good husband or if I were smarter I would have had more opportunities. None of these reasons are why anyone hasn't been able to go after their dreams. These are nothing more than excuses that cover up the real reason many dreams haven't come true. Low self-esteem is the culprit standing between you and your dreams.

Low-self esteem is responsible for kil ling millions and millions of dreams. If low self-esteem could be tried and convicted in a court of law, it might have to face severe punishment for all of the damage it has done in so many lives. Yet low self-esteem is a problem that grows within people. People have the power to kill their own low-self esteem by building a healthier and happier self-image with the right tools.

Ask anyone to define healthy self-esteem and they might stutter or fumble to come up with a clear and accurate definition. Our thoughts are bogged down with negativity and self-loathing so that we don't often take the time to consider exactly what self-esteem might be.

Healthy self-esteem is when a person is capable of genuinely loving who they are and they appreciate their own self-worth. If you know someone with a healthy self-esteem, you know who they are. They are most likely confident, kind and comfortable to be around.

When a person has healthy self-esteem, they are not full of themselves nor do they look down on others. They are less likely to be impacted by what other people think and they are not easily influenced by outside pressures. People who have successfully built their own self-esteem accept who they are, including their weaknesses and they do what they can to make the most of their strengths.

Self-esteem is reflected in the relationships of life, how people learn, where they work and how they build relationships. People with healthy self-esteem know that they can do what they put their minds to and they do. People without healthy self-esteem don't believe that they can do what they want to and therefore often don't.

Building healthy self-esteem doesn't just happen overnight and it can take a good amount of time. There are a few things you can do to begin working on having a healthier self-esteem that are small steps but they will go a long way towards helping you to feel better about you.

When you go out anywhere, make sure you are warm and kind to others. Take the time to initiate or return smiles, chat with the cashier and take a genuine interest in what he or she is saying and stop to chat when you run into acquaintances. Never pass judgment, be happy for what they are proud of and offer words of encouragement.

Imagine treating every person you meet as you would like to be treated. You most likely don't want to have to face angry, quiet and self-loathing people all day! Practice with just a smile to everyone you encounter at first and then take another step.

Be aware of negativity in your life. Eliminate any negativity if possible and embrace what makes you feel good and happy. Practice using words of encouragement with others and yourself. Instead of believing you can't, change it to I can and work up to attempting new things.

Begin to development yourself. Start improving you! Begin to development yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Start exercising to look better. Begin reading self-help material to feel better.. Start meditating and praying to connect to your creator. All of these things help develop your self esteem.

Healthy self-esteem can open so many doors to wonderful feelings, experiences and relationships. Unhealthy feelings result in negativity and many times significant problems in life. Kill the self-esteem killer in you for a happier, fuller life.