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Author: Ken Canion Posted: Monday - June 6, 2022

I Hate My Job, But I Still Stay - Making the Most of a Difficult Situation

If you hate your job, you aren't alone. You might feel alone because most people leave their jobs and would rather not think about the boss, your co-workers and all of the things you dread having to face all during your work week. It can feel very isolating to have such negative feelings and be unable to do anything about it.

The good news is that there is something you can do about hating your job! It takes a bit of work and learning how to adjust your thinking process, but it can be done. Imagine not dreading your job. It is possible and you can do it.

There's no question that you hate your job, but what exactly is it about your job that you hate? Take a bit of time and actually create a list about what you don't like in regards to your job. If you feel you hate everything about your job, list absolutely everything you can think of relating to your job. It isn't likely that you hate every single thing about your job, so be as honest as possible when you create your list.

The trick to this exercise is to be as specific as possible. Do you hate the way your hard work is never acknowledged or appreciated? Do you hate that you work so hard and make such little money? Take the time to list each individual complaint you have about your job.

After you are done listing the things you hate about your job, make another list that details anything that you like about your job. Do you enjoy a coworker? Is the drive to and from work scenic or relaxing? Is your job challenging in a good way? Do you like helping people with your job? Do you get decent benefits? Take the time to turn your focus onto some of the good things about your job and write them down.

Now look at your lists and see if you can find any areas that can be improved or problems that can be solved. Is your attitude affecting your job and the way others treat you? Are you having trouble with an individual? Do you feel you unfairly shoulder most of the workload?

Before you head into work and fly off the handle, try to see what can be said and done in a productive way. Take the time to think about how to approach a problem or an individual without confrontation and blame. Begin taking a pro active approach to solving the problems you can solve. The key is handling them in small increments. If you attempt to deal with all of them at once you will become overwhelmed.

Now take a look at what you can do personally to improve how you feel about your job. If you are overwhelmed with the amount of work that is being given to you, you might want to discuss it with your boss. Many times if a person doesn't say anything, it is just assumed that there is nothing wrong!

Is it possible that you aren't being challenged enough in your current position? If you find that you feel bored or that your work routine is monotonous, maybe your boss can give you more responsibility. Volunteer for new projects. If your boss is resistant, be persistent.

Variety can help with feeling bored and inadequately challenged at work, too. Recognize what you like to do and try to find ways to do more of what you like and do it so that your boss can see how beneficial it is to make sure you are the one handling the work you enjoy.

Finally, if you try and you can't find ways to make your job more tolerable, become proactive. Make a plan and take steps to better your future. If none of these work you must examine the job and yourself. This may not be the idea job for you. Be honest with yourself. I have found that most significant change in life only happens when people become extremely uncomfortable with their current situation. It often leads people to their greatest discovery and blessing.

Be willing to empower yourself through and education and self development. Take evening classes or find out what local or online colleges can do to help you get further in your career. You might even be able to get your current job to financially assist you with furthering your education.

These are just a few suggestions that have been effective in helping others who hate their jobs turn things around for the better. You can either make the most of a job you dislike and possibly turn it into a job you love or you can have something to look forward to by investing your time in planning a better future through education. Either way, you are always in control of what happens with the job you hate!