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Author: Ken Canion Posted: Monday - October 10, 2022

Expand Your Circle

You don’t have to fight your battles alone. You do have to stand on your own feet and you must decide for yourself that you want to change. You must being willing to pay the cost and stand firm at the moments you feel most alone. You do not have to complete every task or journey all on your own. Great projects require great talent. It is not a failure to seek help. A wise person seeks the most talented help they can find.

Your closest circle represents the people you trust the most. These people could include your spouse, family members that have your back, and your closest friends. These are the people that support you when no one else is there. Your next circle represents trusted partners and professional relationships that are proven over time. These circles are built on trust and mutual respect earned over time.

Building bigger circles can be tricky. It means taking a chance on people. It means stepping out on faith with the risk that things might not work out. It requires the same risk taking that striving for success requires. This does not mean to just throw your money or your efforts after anyone anywhere. Adding people to your circles should be done with the same wisdom and care as selecting your path and process in life. Seek out people of talent and character to add you your circle that compliment your efforts and supplement strength for your weaknesses so that you have the best people behind you to contribute to your success.

Being closed off to others can pose the same risk as passing up on opportunities. We shouldn’t follow every path that comes along, but we should pay attention to opportunities that arise and align with our purpose. In the same way, we should be open to people that will support and add to your success in life. Be ready to expand your circles to let those worthy, talented people in.