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Posted: February 2, 2016, 12:00am by Ken Canion Print Email
Everyone Is A Salesperson: You Must Sell Yourself

Everyone is a Salesperson: You Must Sell Yourself


One of the main reasons that it's hard for individuals today to find decent jobs or advancement opportunities is because they don't have the proper perspective of themselves, their skills, and the services they offer. Many people expect to land a high-paying job by filling out a few short answers on an application, or by providing a less than professional resume. This is not how the real world works, and many people would save themselves a lot of time and frustration if they would take the time to really examine themselves and what they have to offer before applying for a job.

You see, everyone is his or her own salesperson. The product that we are trying to sell is ourselves, our skills, and our services. The most effective way to do this is to play up our strengths and benefits to the other party. You must make yourself look as valuable and as attractive as possible. You want the employer, or the buyer to feel as though their company will be less successful without you on the team.

There are a number of ways you can go about becoming a top-notch sales person and marketing yourself well to potential employers. In order for someone else to be sold on you and the services you offer, you have to first be sold on yourself. This is probably the most difficult part for most individuals. It's easy to get discouraged with yourself in the world we live in today, where it's common place for individuals to be enslaved by poor self-esteem. If this is an area of your life that you struggle with, you need to remember that you have the potential to be great. Never forget that inside you lies a seed of greatness, but that seed must be nurtured. One suggestion you might want to try is not to do anything that might cause you to be ashamed of yourself. Reflect on the characteristics and traits that you like about yourself.

The next step to successfully marketing yourself is to have a positive attitude and to be enthusiastic. Developing a positive attitude can be extremely challenging depending on your personality and background. For the most part, people just aren't born with a natural inclination toward thinking positively. Work on your attitude and make sure you look interested and excited about the opportunities you've been given. One practical tip for looking enthusiastic is to smile. Smiling will open a lot more doors than furrowed brows and frowns.

Another great way to sell yourself is to be real and genuine. People can spot phony people from a mile away. This isn't the type of vibe you want to put out when you want to make a good impression. Always make sure that you are completely open and tell the whole truth. Never resort to telling lies in order to make yourself look good, but be genuine and real and you will gain the respect of many.

You can start this process by reading the book "The Greatest Miracle in the World" by Og Mandino. It helped me start my journey.

By following these tips, you are putting together the ultimate sales package that will help you to market yourself to others and help you land the type of job or opportunity you desire.