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Author: Ken Canion Posted: Monday - April 4, 2022

Do Not Wait On Pursuing Your Dreams

Perhaps the greatest torture that could be devised would be for us to be forced, in our later years, to watch a continuously repeating movie of the lives we could have led had we dared to believe in and pursue the dreams and goals that were available and attainable in our lifetimes. While we all say we do not have enough time to do justice to our goals and dreams, each of us has all the time there is. None of us really has a time-management problem. We really have a dream- and goal-focus problem. We spend too much energy worrying about the things we want to do but cannot, instead of concentrating on doing the things we can do but do not. It is the regret for something we did or did not do yesterday and the apprehension of what we cannot do tomorrow that is the biggest energy drain on our lives.

A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. It is what you would like your life to become. A goal is what, specifically, you intend to make happen. However, many individuals become spectators, resigned to experience success vicariously through others' accomplishments. They can see success for others, but they cannot imagine it for themselves. Dreams and goals are previews of coming attractions in your life. You can be either the scriptwriter, the star, or the producer of an Oscar-winning epic life or an extra in a "B" movie that someone else wrote and directed for you. Which is it to be?

Make certain that your goals are not measured in comparison with others'. Avoid the tendency to measure your own progress by looking over the fence at greener pastures. There are many others who have started a little earlier than you, and you may become discouraged if you see them harvesting success when some of your seeds are barely in the ground. Comparison rarely benefits anyone. You will always be able to find someone smarter, younger, older, wiser, richer, and cleverer, better looking, or working harder or more effectively than you are.

When you are on this weight loss journey and you make comparisons to others who experience success faster than you, you are setting yourself up for a discouragement. This discouragement can derail your weight loss goals but can affect your willingness to pursue any dreams you may have. People who stop dreaming are living dead lives. They merely exist. Begin dreaming again about your weight loss dreams and any other dream you have kept hid away in your heart.