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Author: Ken Canion Posted: Monday - February 6, 2023

Develop Thyself

My dad was the first one who introduced me to personal development. I wondered why every time we got in his car, some boring guy was talking about things I wasn’t in. His monotone voice seemed to go on for hours, while my brother and I were forced to listen. My dad insisted that this boring monologue would help me make a lot of money one day. “Yeah right!”, I thought, as I begged him to turn on a radio station after I just couldn’t take it anymore. This would not be the last time that scene would be played out.  Unbeknownst to me, the audio series he was listening to was “Think and Grow Rich”, by Earl Nightingale. One day, I actually began to listen to the principles taught in that audio program and the many others I was exposed to. Who would have known that the things I used to hate would be the same principles that helped me become successful! I teach many of those same principles today.

My dad also shared with me the importance of developing myself. He said that once you begin self-development, you will start having more confidence in yourself which will lead to abundant success. He was right.

It amazes me that many of the people that come to my seminars aren’t interested in improving themselves and learning more about their craft. “My company won’t pay for any books, so I am not going to buy them”.   I tell them that you can never profit from anything you haven’t invested in.  Your marriage, career, your health, or any other thing of value will never reap a profit if don’t invest in it.

YOU are the best and most important investment you have.  Don't wait for others to improve your mind, body and spirit.  Take charge!  Participate in continuing education classes, read self-help books and chart a course to build on your strengths and develop your weaknesses.  And write down your goals.  Studies prove that writing them down statistically improves the chances you'll accomplish them.

Be committed to investing in you - your most important asset.