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Author: Ken Canion Posted: Monday - August 8, 2022

Confidence is Contagious!

There are people all over that just make other people feel good. They are quick with a smile, listen with interest and just know how to make people feel good around them. The interesting thing is that they really aren't trying to make people feel good or make new friends although they do appreciate and receive those benefits. The real reason they make people feel good when they are around is because they are simply confident and confidence is contagious.

Confidence is not something that everyone is lucky enough to have. Confidence comes from how you feel about yourself. It has the potential to grow and thrive. People are always wishing that they had more confidence. It is something that everyone can have as long as they are willing to learn and work to have it.

It is possible to learn to feel confident. Just like a child learns to crawl, walk and talk, confidence comes from taking small steps. You must allow yourself to accept praise. You must also be willing to praise and affirm yourself. You need to learn or condition yourself to build and maintain your own self-confidence. .

To begin learning how to build your own self-confidence, you need to silence the critical voice inside of you that most people have readily available to dole out regular criticism. Throughout life, there are certain voices that are always looking to criticize. Parents, teachers and even peers are always around to provide "constructive criticism." The problem with that is that eventually, our minds take over the job of criticizing what we do. Just as a parent must discipline a child, you need to discipline your critical voice. Take charge of that voice and silence it. .

When a person lacks confidence, it becomes easy to ignore and neglect personal needs that can improve how you feel. Take time out for yourself and enjoy a nice walk, take a bath, close the door to read a book or see a movie by yourself. Take some time to self-sooth and pamper yourself. You should experience a bit more energy once you start to take care of yourself and energy can become contagious! .

When you want to feel good about yourself, you make the people around you feel good. One of the best ways to do that is to be a good listener. People like to feel valued and listening is the best way to show that you do value someone. Take good-listening a step further and practice eliminating all judgments from your mind as you hear what others have to say. .

Finally, visualization is a powerful tool you can use to feel more confident. The more you visualize you becoming the person you imagine, the closer you become to being confident the way you want to be. .

When you think about other confident people, they are not self-absorbed. They simply realize their self worth. When you realize your self worth, others will too. Confidence is truly contagious!