Ken's Weekly Blog Entry
Posted: August 6, 2021, 12:00am by Ken Canion Print Email
Change Your Mind About Change

By the time you read this blog, Super Tuesday will have come and gone. Many Americans will cast their vote in hopes that their voice will be heard. The Presidential candidates are feverishly promoting and propagating their messages to anyone who will listen. The thing that amazes me most is that they are promoting the very thing that people hate to do: change. Many people look at change in a negative light, especially when it involves them doing something they are unaccustomed to, or stepping outside of their comfort zone. I truly believe there is a world of opportunity outside of that safe place.

Change is good! No great innovation in life ever happened until someone was willing to change something. The next innovation in your life will happen when you are willing to change.


At work, change is often blamed as a cause of stress. According to the experts at Pritchett & Associates, "People waste far more emotional energy desperately hanging on to old habits and beliefs than it would take for them to embrace change." So it's the resisting that induces the stress. Think about how much energy it takes to defiantly dig your heels in, or even to work quietly and subversively against new ideas. Channel that energy toward growth and progress!

The world, global markets, regulations, the economy - it all forces business and organizations to change; everything is always evolving - even you.

So if change comes your way in life, don't expend your energy resisting - embrace it! It may lead to your next innovation!