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Latest Blog Date: Monday - December 5, 2022 By: Ken Canion Two Kinds Of Fear

Fear is arguably the one thing that paralyzes people from doing most things in life.  Fear can take control of a life and shortly after that life is spinning out of control.  Many times, fear is the reason many people experience despair and defeat.  This kind of fear is debilitating and prevents people from achieving growth and great things. 

People who learn to overcome fear often describe their experiences as having overcome darkness or having their eyes opened for the first time.  Fear prevents people from finding true happiness.  Without fear, the possibilities of life are endless and satisfying.  Overcoming fear creates a whole new outlook and attitude that most people want, but are afraid to face.  Fear stops all things from moving forward. 
Before tackling how to overcome fear, people need to understand that there are basically two kinds of fear people experience.  The first kind of fear is the fear that conquers us.  This fear makes us feel human, vulnerable and unwilling to take chances.  It prevents growth and accomplishment.

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