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Latest Blog Date: Monday - May 16, 2022 By: Ken Canion Dealing With Difficult People

One of the most challenging aspects of life is learning how to effectively deal with difficult people. Learning to deal with difficult people is a priceless skill that will enable you to not only defuse volatile situations, but will gain you the respect of your co-workers and in general your fellow man. Difficult people are everywhere. They work at the grocery store, restaurants, and offices. They drive cabs, make music; they're web designers, and they're stay-at-home moms. In fact, everyone on the face of the earth has the potential to be a difficult individual and at some point in life probably is a difficult individual. This is important to keep in mind when coming face-to-face with someone who seems to want nothing more than to ruin your day.

There are a number of practical tips that you can put into practice to help you deal effectively with the difficult people you come in contact with on a daily basis. The first thing you'll want to do is check yourself and watch what you allow yourself to think. Don't allow yourself to get caught up in the heat of the moment and spout off foolish nonsense that's uncalled for. I have done it on many occasions, only to realize that I looked as stupid as the other person. Confronting a difficult person with the mindset that you are going to go set them straight and prove you're right is not going to solve anything in the long run. I know you want to win. I do to. But, I realize that by diffusing the situation is also winning. You should go into this type of confrontation with the mindset of solving the issue and moving forward, rather than simply spouting off in anger.

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