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Latest Blog Date: Monday - January 30, 2023 By: Ken Canion One Decision Away

Every decision leads us somewhere. You are only ever one decision away from changing your life completely. This should be very comforting to know if you are in a place you don’t want to be or are living your life in a way you do not want or like. It should serve as a warning that the choices you make matter and have consequences.

The difference between success and failure in life often comes down to when we decide to quit. We all fail sometimes. If we allow ourselves to sink into our failures and define us, that is a decision with a consequence. If we decide we do not accept our life the way it is and refuse to quit on ourselves, which is a decision that has the potential to replace failure with success.
We can make decisions that lead to worsening health. We make these decisions one at a time with how we eat, how we exercise, or how we spend our time. As these choices pile up, we sometimes give up and end up with weight gain and declining health. You are only one decision away from a different life though. That can all turn around with the choice to add exercise to your life. Once your ability increases from that choice to exercise, you can do a little more and have a bigger impact. Each decision leads you somewhere and that can mean more options and a better life.

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